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Happiest day ever Blog Post
Posted — October 31

Today was the HAPPIEST day ever.

Throughout the month of October, Earth Rated is raising awareness on the awesomeness that is animal adoption. Although Whiskey (left) didn’t come from a rescue or a shelter, some of her best friends were adopted into loving and adventurous homes.

Tina Turner (right) was found by the side of a road in LA at eight weeks old and 4 lbs with a broken leg and tail. She was brought to Star Paws Rescue in Marina Del Rey and brought to emergency surgery. She had her tail removed and the largest bone in her leg was replaced by a metal beam. She sat in the shelter for four months before @ninafarrauto adopted her and now spends her time conquering mountains and hearts everywhere.

Kal was adopted from Vancouver SPCA when she was seven weeks old, smart as a whip and raring to go. She’d been surrendered the week before and had three broken toes. Kal’s now had seven incredible years of rambunctious adventures with her owner, with many more to come!

Jasper was a Husky show dog, born to a show line in Quebec and sold to someone who wanted to show him. His voice box was removed by this owner, and consequently it got her disqualified for doing so. She put him up for sale and a family in Ottawa took him home. With four kids under the age of 7 and a newborn, Jasper didn’t get to exercise and lived in their backyard. Four months later they decided to give him up and that’s when @tri_another_day and @ninafarrauto swooped in. He now happily runs, roams the wildlands and snuggles with his sister @huskyandthebochi.

To celebrate Day One, Whiskey donated a stack of Earth Rated Adoption Kits to the Calgary Humane Society. These kits are designed to give new dog parents everything they need for a successful first day and beyond.

Words and pictures by @mywhiskeygirl