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120 Easy-Tie Handle Bags

Get a handle on poops!


  • Convenient handles for easy-tying
  • 100% Leak-Proof Guarantee
  • Extra-wide bags, great for cat litter scoops
  • Dispenses single bags directly from the box
  • Our top pick for anyone who struggles with opening bags
  • Also available in lavender

Product Description

What makes our easy-tie handle bags special? We know there’s no room for error when it comes to picking up poop, so our bags are designed to protect your hands. With an extra wide opening and long handles, it’s easy to tie a secure knot! 100% leak-proof guaranteed so the mess stays in!

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Customer Reviews


Great dog waste bags, so easy to use!

January 12, 2019

I love these dog waste bags! We recently got a puppy a week ago and these bags are so convenient and sturdy! They are strong and lightweight. They are the perfect size to pick up your dog’s business. My kids help cleaning up after our pup and these bags are so easy for them to use. I love the handles because it makes it so easy to just tie off the bag. I am extremely happy about my purchase!


I love these bags

December 20, 2017

I love these bags! I’m a new dog owner. However, I’ve tried at least 2 other brands. These are by far the best! I have no cons about them. I believe handles are a must. They are strong, not flimsy, so my hands don’t get dirty from picking up poo. And as a little extra something I enjoy the picture on each bag. It makes me smile and puts me into a good mood before having to pick up excrement. There’s no reason for me to try a different bag brand. Thanks Earth Rated!


Best eco-bags on the market

November 10, 2019

I have tried several different brands, and this is the winner. They are easy to separate, have handles so you can tie easily, they really do a good job of managing the smell, and they are very affordable. I have ordered these three times already and won’t order anything else going forward. For reference, I use these to pick up dog waste when out on walks. Not a cat owner, can’t speak to how they work for waste scooped out of litter.

Poop Bag FAQ

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