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300 Bags on a Large Single Roll

Grab & go!


  • Perfect for backyard pickups
  • 100% Leak-Proof Guarantee
  • Tough on poop, easy on the piggy bank!
  • Extra-long and extra-strong bags to protect your hands
  • Tissue-style dispensing right out of the box
  • Also available in Lavender

Product Description

Designed for backyard pickups, or simply to grab-and-go on your way out the door, this value pack of 300 large bags will become your favorite home entryway essential.

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Customer Testimonials

Also works well for cat people!

- Helga G.

“These dispense easily from the box, are thick enough to not have trouble opening, good price, and large enough to fit an extra-wide cat littler scoop. I have two cats and two litter boxes of wood pellet litter and I can fit all the droppings daily in just one bag with extra room left to tie off. The smell doesn’t come through either.

When you almost reach the end of the roll you find a stick-note reminder to order more. Very thoughtful! At first I bought the lavender but I found it had a strong artificial scent like some popular laundry products, which I wasn’t used to. My second time I bought the unscented option and I like it better; the bags still hold in the smell without adding fragrance.”

They are strong, open easily and can hold a lot of ...

- Fefe and Laura

“I have used these unscented bags for many months exclusively. They are always strong, open easily and hold a lot of, uh, crap. The box is easy to use and pretty hand and it can fit in a shallow drawer. Whenever I pull out a bag from my pocket on one of our five hundred daily walks, the design on the bag makes me smile – even if, you know – I’m using the bag to clean up stuff. But I really do like these bags. I’m grateful they are around, and the cost per bag is even better priced than others, and did I mention they’re strong? Plus their customer service is amazing – it was all my fault for (mis) purchasing scented bags instead of unscented once then I whined about it and they kindly mailed me unscented bags without me even having to ask. Really wonderful folks. Really wonderful bags. And the design, plus erm, strong (hey, if you’ve ever experienced a not sturdy bag you know exactly what I’m talking about).”

Perfect bags for your backyard! Tear easily off the roll!

- Samantha M.

“These bags are pretty awesome! They are plenty thick enough and easy to tear off the roll! They aren’t the thickest bags I’ve ever used but these are supposed to be good for the environment! (You won’t have any smell on your hands after using them so I’d say that’s thick enough!) I’ve been using these for only two days so I can’t attest to the performance of the entire roll but so far so good. I have been keeping the box on my back patio so I can use the bags to clean up messes in my backyard. Before finding this huge roll I always had to use small rolls (not this brand) and finding the part where you tear them off was so annoying! This box is a really good alternative for backyard use and the bags are easy to tear off the roll!!! The bags are a good size and a lot thicker than the cheap walmart or target alternatives. I bought unscented because I read a few reviews complaining about how strong the smell of the lavender scented bags was. Honestly these have a slight scent if you stick your face in the bag and really take a big whiff but the smell is barely much and it’s not unpleasant! I definitely recommend these bags.”

Poop Bag FAQ

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