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Leash Dispenser with 15 Bags

We're hooked on this one!


  • Adjustable strap to fit any style leash
  • Convenient hook holds used poop bags for you
  • Perfect for walking, jogging or hiking with your pup
  • Durable because dogs…
  • Pairs perfectly with our refill rolls

Product Description

The cutest green-colored leash dispenser on the market comes with 15 bags and is available at a very affordable price, without compromising quality. Its sleek and modern design compliments any adventure; on walks, vacation, in the car or every day on-the-go. With its unique adjustable strap, this leash dispenser can attach to any size leash and there’s even a handy hook on the back designed to hold a used bag until you find a garbage. Picking up poop has never been this easy!

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Customer Reviews

Mark Montminy

Works great, I need a few more.

June 28, 2016

Over the years I’ve tried about a dozen different bag holders. I’ve got some cheapo-freebies that come with the bags, I’ve bought some fancy nylon/velcro ones, plastic ones, rubber ones.. none seem to work well, or last. The caps pop off, the bag roll falls out, or they jamb up and don’t dispense a bag well. They all seem to suck.

I got fed up with the ones we have, and figured I’d take another look and see if someone came up with a better bag holder. This one was very highly rated, and not very expensive.

I see why it’s rated so high, it-just-works. It’s a 2 piece screw together design, so no end caps to fall off, or get pulled off when pulling a bag through. The side opening is generous enough to allow the bags to come out, but not so big they fall out.

There’s a good sized spindle inside to help hold the rolls and keep them turning while dispensing. I’ve tried a few different rolls of bags in it from different brands, and they’ve all worked just fine.

It only comes with a small bag roll, which is fine, I wanted it for the dispenser, not the bags. However, the included bags were also quite good.


Everything it needs to be.

April 24, 2018

Yes!!! This is everything it needs to be. I can’t believe how many bag dispensers we have gone through over the years, but finally I think we have one that will stick around. 1. The velcro loop attachment is not going to fall of your leash handle, regardless of what type of leash you have. 2. The bottom is not going to fall out leaving you bagless halfway through your walk and none the wiser (our biggest issue with other dispensers) because there’s an actual screw on bottom rather than flimsy clips that either don’t let you in to change the bags easily or don’t stay clipped in and the bags continuously fall out. 3. It fits standard bags. And on top of all that it has a little clip to carry your filled poop bags for the remainder of your walk? WIN!

Melissa Boone

Great dispenser and great bags.

July 20, 2015

Earth Rated bags and dispensers are the only company I’ll buy from for my dog. Why!

-The dispensers are sturdy. My dog is growing out of her puppy phase, but occasionally she’ll forget she’s a big girl and chew a little bit on stuff. This dispenser can survive a little bit of extra chewing. (Not a *whole* lot; the whole reason I bought a second one is because she destroyed the first one. In the dispenser’s defense, though, she had unrestricted access to it for a couple hours when it fell off the hook while we were out, and she’s a 60 lb Lab/Boxer mix.)

-I have yet to find another brand of dog bag dispensers that has a hook on the back to hold the bag. It’s a good hook, too – if you make a knot in the bag it’ll hold it in place until you find a Dumpster. This is great for me as I live in a residential area where most of the residences are single-family homes, so if I get more than 5 minute walk away from my own apartment there’s nowhere to throw the bag until I return.

-The Velcro straps mean that I can wrap it tightly around my leash, which means that the dispenser doesn’t slide up and down the leash. Most metal or plastic carabiner clips allow the dispenser to slide (and the plastic ones break!)

Also, for those of you who don’t already use Earth Rated poop bags, the bags themselves are great! They are thicker and bigger than most pop bags, so I don’t have to worry about accidentally scooping with my bare hand (ew) or the bag tearing and stuff leaking out (ew), both things that have happened with other, thinner, smaller bags.

Poop Bag FAQ

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