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Posted — August 10

5 Innovative Hacks – as seen on TikTok 

We know the details matter. That’s why we want every detail of our products to be carefully thought out, reliable and beautifully designed with YOU in mind.

We have a dedicated Innovation team who play a huge part in making our products the best that they can be. Ram, Jessica and Julia are the trio behind everything from market research to product design, innovation and product testing.


Here are our Top 5 Earth Rated hacks:

1 – With innovation top of mind, our poop bag dispenser was designed with double interior pins to keep bags firmly in place for smooth dispensing, every time. The dispenser attaches to any style of leash and has a cap locking mechanism to prevent bags from rolling loose. But best of all: did you know you can actually hang your pup’s bagged poop on the dispenser’s handy hook for hands-free transport? Check out this hack in action, here.



But wait- there’s more! 🪄 #dogtok #SlurpeeRun #ReadyForHell #earthrated #doggybag #dogowners #poopbagholder #doglover #tiktokmademebuyit

♬ Angeleyes (Sped Up Version) – april aries bae (SVT)

2 – How to bathe your dog without a tub? Swap the stress and mess of bath time for your quickest clean yet. Earth Rated Dog Grooming Wipes have been designed specifically with your pup in mind and made with soothing ingredients like aloe vera, shea butter, chamomile and cucumber – perfect for daily use. See them in action on an adorable Cockapoo named Lenny, here.


Lenny approves of anything that doesn’t involve the bath tub 🙏🛁 #dogwipes #dogtips #approvedbyme #dogs #dogsoftiktok

♬ into it approved by me – Mary Beth Barone


3 – Every Earth Rated dog poop bag has a 100% leakproof guarantee, which means you can do super cool things like transform them into homemade ice packs to help your dog stay refreshed during a heat wave. Learn how, here!



4 – No one likes a ripped bag! Our poop bags are perforated on the roll and split with ease to distribute a single bag. But better yet: the stickers on a fresh roll of bags are perforated too! Check out this innovative feature, here.



If you’re looking for fun facts about your dog’s poop bags, Vanessa’s your gal 💩💚#earthrated #doggybag #dogpoop #SlurpeeRun #dogtok #dogsoftiktok #dogowner #petlover

♬ ur soo kewt if u use this sound . – 🌠 .

5 – Last but not least…looking for an extra hand to help you open up your dog poop bags? Look no further! Try this.


Marsha’s got a hot insider tip to help you open up your dog poop bags – have you tried this before? 🐶💩 #earthrated #doggybag #dogbag #dogwalk #dogtips #dogowner #dogownertips

♬ original sound – earthrated


Each of these product features came from a desire to always keep innovating and we can’t wait to continue making things better for dogs and people. Follow us on TikTok for more!


What to read next: Earth Rated is officially a certified B Corp!