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Posted — March 29

8 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day 2021 with Your Dog

Every year on April 22, the world comes together to celebrate protecting our planet.

As a pet owner, you can help make a difference! When it comes to helping the environment, every detail counts.

Follow these eco-friendly steps to help reduce you and your dog’s carbon paw print!


1. Pick Up After Your Dog

Dog poop left lying around can cause more harm than just messing up the shoes of anyone who steps in it. It’s a dangerous pollutant! One gram of dog poop contains 23 million bacteria, like E.coli, salmonella, Campylobacteriosis, and tapeworms.

Picking up after your pet is the only way to keep your neighborhood safe from toxic dog poop. But with landfills filling up fast, how do we keep our yards clean without harming the planet?


2. Use Compostable Poop Bags

Earth Rated compostable dog poop bags are extra-strong and ultra-thick to lock in odors.

From the vegetable-based bag down to the recyclable core and packaging, these rolls do it all.

Find out which municipal composting facilities accept pet waste near you. Please note that Industrial composting of pet waste is not currently available in the USA.


3. Donate Your Dog’s Old Things to a Local Shelter

Has your pup outgrown their bedding? Got pet toys lying around that no longer spark (or bark) joy?

Instead of throwing them away, give your local animal shelter a call and see if they can use your help!

From unopened dog food that didn’t wet your pet’s appetite to soft cozy blankets, you can help make a big impact on a shelter dog’s day to day life while they wait for their forever home.


4. Make DIY Dog Toys at Home

Feel like spoiling your best friend with a new toy? Look no further than your own recyclables!

Try making some DIY dog toys with household items (click here to learn how).

From paper towel adventure tubes to treat puzzles, providing your dog with round-the-clock entertainment can be easy on the bank and the environment.

After all, “DIY” is the new “Buy”!


5. Use Compostable Dog Wipes

The next time you need to clean muddy puppy paws on the go, look for a certified compostable dog wipe!

Plant-based, hypoallergenic, and gentle enough for daily use, Earth Rated compostable dog wipes are a great option to keep your pup feeling fresh between baths.


6. Buy Better Dog Food 

Switching to sustainable dog food is a simple environmentally-friendly change you can make as a pet owner. Nowadays, it is easy to find high-quality and eco-conscious dog foods at your local pet store. When checking the label of your pets food, look for the following:

•  Organic ingredients

•  Locally sourced ingredients

•  Humanely farm-raised, free-range proteins

•  Recyclable packaging

If your dog prefers fish-based food, look for a dog food that uses fish that is certified sustainably caught by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

Dehydrated foods are an excellent option for your pup, and since it is much lighter in weight, the shipping of this food from the manufacturer to your local pet store has a reduced effect on greenhouse gas emissions.


7. Switch To Natural Cleaning Products

We get it. Pets are practically synonymous with mess. And we definitely know all too well how unpleasant it can be to have to clean up those messes.

Luckily, a good stain and odor remover doesn’t have to be full of harsh chemicals to be effective. Did you know it’s possible to completely eliminate stains using friendly bio-enzymatic bacteria?

Earth Rated pet stain & odor remover is made from a non-toxic, bio-enzymatic formula. The natural formula is made in the USA and is safe for use around pets and people.

No matter what surprise you come home to, pet mess should be no stress.


8. Take a Walk

This Earth Day, take advantage of the beautiful trails around you and take your dog for a nice long hike!

Whether you’re ready to rough it out in the wilderness or are more of a glamping enthusiast, there’s nothing like  hitting the trails with your pup.


No matter how you choose to celebrate Earth Day 2021 with your dog, Earth Rated is here to help keep your household, your neighborhood and even the planet clean from the messes left behind by out pets.

Because every detail counts!


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