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Posted — March 15

How to celebrate your pet with a tattoo

If you’re anything like us, your dog plays a huge role in your life. They’re your family, the bff who will NEVER break your heart, the roommate you look forward to coming home to. What’s the best way to show your love and devotion? Whether they’re by your side making your life more and more awesome every day or if they’ve said their goodbyes, a tattoo might be for you.

1. Find an artist you trust and whose work you admire.
2. Do your research on the style you’re looking for and share it with your artist.
3. Take your time making decisions – there’s no rush.

1. Don’t cut corners with a cheap tattoo.
2. You don’t have to wait until your four-legged friend has passed away.
3. Don’t be shy to ask questions or make changes to your design.

Here’s how two of our team members have honoured their pups with special tattoos of them.

Carolina’s tattoo:

By Ollie
“Rudy was absolutely my ‘heart dog’. We had a very special bond that’s difficult to put into words. She taught me so many things since bringing her home as just a tiny puppy curled up on my lap. I wanted to celebrate the love I have for her and in a way, keep her with me forever.”

Tara’s tattoo:

By Safwan at Imago Tattoo
“My tattoo was inspired by my ‘heart dog’ Tyson, whom I rescued when I was 18, but also several dogs from the shelter where I worked at the time. So many dogs have impacted my life that it seemed impossible to narrow it down to just one, so I got one I felt represented them all.”


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