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reason to choose dog from shelter Blog Post
Posted — July 13

Reasons to choose a dog from a shelter: Carolina’s adoption story

Carolina Zanetta is an important member of the Earth Rated family. She coordinates our social media channels and keeps us connected with our followers—fans like you! Carolina is the proud fur-parent to Rose, a 7-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier they adopted from a Montreal dog shelter.

“Her past was mostly unknown as she was found by a landlord, abandoned inside an empty apartment. Her age is undetermined with vets only being able to make a guess.”

Carolina already had a dog, Rudy, but Rose was her first dog from a shelter. The adoption process was unknown territory, however, in the end, she was over the moon excited to give a dog a real home and a second chance.

Why Carolina chose adoption

1. She liked the idea of giving a dog a second chance/new home

2. She wanted to meet the dog and get a better idea of her temperament

3. It gave her the perfect opportunity to find the right match for the dog she already had

It’s a common misconception that shelter dogs are troubled dogs. Every dog has its quirks, rescued or not. Carolina says Rose is generally an easygoing Staffy: she likes food, pee breaks, treats, cuddles and sunshine. Her dislikes include long walks and other dogs (except her canine sister). The latter is something they’re working on.