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Posted — March 15

Why Would A Dog Start Pooping In The House? How to Fix The Problem

Dogs and poop go together, and poop is a fact of life for all dog owners. The majority of dogs are confident heading outdoors to do their business. But what is going on when a dog that normally goes outside, starts pooping inside?

Whenever something about your dog’s behavior suddenly changes – or they start doing something strange and unexpected like pooping in the house – schedule an appointment with your vet. Your dog can’t tell you something’s wrong, but your vet can. There may be a physical problem that is causing your dog discomfort or pain and needs to be treated.

If the problem isn’t physical, the new behavior may be due to a recent change in the home. This can include anything like a new dog or other pet, a change in routine or a move.  Older dogs may also have difficulty holding it as they age.

If the issue persists, avoid getting angry. Being visibly angry only accomplishes one of two things with your dog – you can either reinforce the idea that the behavior gets your attention, and in some cases any attention, even negative attention, is something your dog wants. Or, you can show your dog that pooping is something bad and something they should try to hide – which they might just do.

The best way to help your dog through this challenging time is by being patient and reinforcing good potty training habits if the problem is not physical according to your vet.  Take longer walks with your dog, ensure you’re going out at the same time every day, give the dog treats or praise when they go outside and monitor the time they’re spending in a crate if at all – just like when they were a puppy or a newly adopted dog.

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