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Posted — August 19

10 times a poop bag review cracked us up

We love customer feedback and what better place than an Amazon review to see what you’re loving about our bags, or what we can improve on. This post is a shout-out to our customers who took the time to review our bags honestly and sometimes in great detail! We hope you enjoy reading these as much as we did!

1. You can type that again.

Is it possible to love a dog poop bag? Heck yeah! I’m a veterinarian and I have tried many brands of bags over the years but since I discovered the Earth Rated Dog Waste Bags I use no other. I use the scented bags because on long walks it kind of disguises the smell of the feces (except those that are really potent), so you don’t smell like feces to any passerby.

I usually prefer unscented things because I have a sensitive nose and for those inclined, Earth Rated does offer non-scented bags. The Earth Rated bags are also a bit longer than a few other brands though most are similar length. However, the bags are definitely heavier than many other brands and also have way better sealed seams as well as high quality separation perforations. The central cylinder glides easily in every brand of bag holder I have. Lastly, a small but important detail…you know that small piece of tape that holds a new roll together? Most brands use a tape that when you pull it off it puts a hole in the opposing part of the bag if you don’t very carefully remove it. A hole at the top of a bag is no big deal but further down can lead to leakage. The Earth Rated tape comes off real nice and my first bag isn’t destroyed. Overall a very strong, well made bag that has never let me down. It can hold any load big or small, firm or loose and will not leak or tear.


So first 5 stars… no need to read further just buy this for your puppy poop picking up, then buy another box for a friend. Okay now for the reason I gave five stars for this product. I received the order in record time like two days for delivery, Frickin Awsome! Then I was at the dog park with my two dogs Maui and Thurston both considered large dogs with large puppy piles and I opened the box of 900 poop bags and found all these little rolls of bags. This is genius because I can carry fifteen bags in a tidy little roll.

I have been shoving a wad of plastic bags in my pocket every time I go for a walk or to the dog park for the last two years now its just a neat little easy to use and carry roll. Amazing. Then the dispenser. Yes it comes with Two plastic dispensers to put your little roll into so it’s even more awsome.

Then the dispenser has this velcro strap to secure it to a belt loop or purse handle or wherever I like. I was totally prepared to pluck puppy piles. The first pile is always in the first two minutes of the park time. Maui runs in and finds a spot near a fence or on a tree and makes a steaming pile for me to pick up. I dutifully dispensed the bag and inserted my hand and noticed that it felt thick and sturdy. Then I grabbed the pile and as we dog owners do turn the bag inside out to contain the mess until I pass a poop can to drop it into. Then I noticed the smell. No not dog smell but … get this … Lavender…. I didn’t notice it before. it was actually rather strong so I think it would have perfumed up the whole car with a box of 900 but no just the one bag with the poop in it offered up the pleasing aroma. I actually took the dispenser off my belt loop to smell and smelled the bag with poop in it to see. I am no scientist but this may be a poop activated perfume. I looked real stupid sniffing a green bag of steaming Sh!t but honestly, it smelled of Lavender. So order the doggie bags and fill them up and share them with the others at the park that forgot to bring some. You have 900 why not.

3. No poop, Sherlock.

Months ago, I spent probably longer than a normal person would researching poop bags on Amazon. I ended up ordering the Earth Rated bags based on reviews and was not disappointed. I have now repurchased multiple times, and am glad they have a larger box. I get the unscented because I personally feel that lavender scented dog poop still smells like dog poop, but whatever floats your boat. They are well made, thick material. I’ve never had one rip on me. Large enough to fit large dog poops.

Attached is a picture of my dog because I doubt you would want to see the bags in use. Plus he is cute and the world should see him.

4. Those wafts will get you every time.

Well, what can I say? All dog poop bags are not created equal.

I have been using these for years and I will not buy a different dog poop bag. Sometimes I’m in a jam and don’t have any with me (or ran out) and have to use the cheap ones that are at the poo stations around the neighborhood and I’m reminded why I don’t use those. You know those cheap bags you find everywhere that when you tear them off and stick your hand in, somehow there’s no plastic where plastic should be and you get a nasty surprise?

Yeah, do that once and you’ll want something that won’t let you down. Or the plastic sheets…why would anyone think that’s a good idea? These don’t rip when pulling them from the roll and even with large loads (I have two 65+ lb dogs) and while I thought the scent initially was a little odd, it does a great job of covering up wafts of poo in the bag until you can find a trash can.

5. She gets it.

These are the best bags for the worst chore. I have a two poop dog. He poops twice on every walk, even if he had just gone in the yard. It’s his habit and so it’s my chore to pick it up. I made the mistake once of buying cheaper bags. Because honestly, no one wants to spend money on something to literally fill with poop. Those cheap bags broke in my hand with pile of poop in them. I have a big dog. His turds are not cute. I was not happy to have them in the palm of my hand on a warm Texas day. I explained this to someone and he gave me an earth rated bag to try.

I was apprehensive about a bag that is meant to break down quickly to save the earth. I want to save the earth but I don’t want the bag to break in my hand. I don’t know what they make these bags out of and I don’t care. They are the strongest bags I’ve used so far. My dog is ten. I’ve tried a lot of bags. I will only buy these from now on. I will save the earth one doggy bowel movement at a time!

6. Not all heroes wear capes.

I’ve ordered these bags twice now and will continue to do so. There are three things I particularly like about this product: First, they smell good – always a plus when dealing with dog poo. The smell is pleasant and strong enough to cover the poo smell. It won’t keep it from smelling after several days in a garbage can and I would always deposit in an outside can, but over the course of a long dog walk, it certainly masks the scent. Second, the bag design changes color right before the place where you tear it off from the next bag. I hate bags with a constant pattern where I am hunting for the place to tear. Usually this happens right when Fido (name changed to protect the guilty) spots a squirrel leaving me with an unrolled spool of dog poo bags and a dog running around a tree with his retractable leash bouncing along behind.

Finally, I like that the sticker holding the role together isn’t so sticky, as is the case with some dog clean up bags, that it tears a hole in the bag when you start a new roll, rendering bag number one useless for containing stinky poo. The fact that they are environmentally responsible is the icing on the…. Well you get the idea. I don’t want to talk about cake and dog poo in the same review.

7. As ish should be.

I waited a good week+ before posting a review. Needed to at least try out 10+ pick ups before raving about them. But now that I have I can confirm that they’re great. I’ve had ZERO ish left on my hands from an unfortunate broken bag (which seemed to happen to the other bags when they were dispensed). These are slightly larger, thicker and definitely stronger than the others I’ve tried. I’m only 20 bags in, so I hope this will continue to be the case.

Oh I almost forgot… They are very easy to dispense, to see where the perforation is and then, when you give one a tug to rip it off, it does so without hassle. Nothing worse then having 5 extra bags pull out, your dog trying to take off (after a squirrel or whatnot) and you sitting there looking like an idiot.

8. We’ve never felt more seen.

Who’da thunk we’d be writing reviews about dog poop bags on Amazon 10 years ago? Seems silly, but dang it, these things are important! A bad poop bag can make your day goes south really fast, right? Well, I recommend these… Previously bought generic ones & they’re not worth the price. These are much better.

These rolls are easy to start because the little sticker is easy to get off and doesn’t tear the bag. They are very easy to separate. We’ve gone through several rolls now, and they’ve been reliable every time. I suggest getting their little green dispenser as well. It has a clip to hold the used bag so you don’t have to. It has a velcro band to attach it to the leash.

I would like to see someone develop a soft sided dispenser so it doesn’t whack my dog in the head if I accidentally drop the end of the leash down while trying to get his harness off. Sorry dog.

9. You did. And we’re not mad at you.

I never imagined I’d grow up to write reviews of dog poop bags on the internet, yet here I am. I guess when you spend as much time as I do standing outside waiting for your dog to poop while he smells the same spot for 20 minutes, you start to think about things.

First of all, I have a dog who has what I politely like to call “anxious tummy.” Sometimes people scare him in my apartment hallway, and he accidentally goes right there on the steps. In this moment, it is SUPER CLUTCH to have an easy-to-open poop bag like this one at the ready. And yes, I’ve noticed that a lot of poop bags are so hard to get open, which is not ideal when you’re trying to clean up an embarrassing mess before your cute neighbor who you saw on Tinder rounds the corner and steps in it and you’re publicly shamed because your dog can’t handle his bowels.

My dog also prefers the feeling of mulch underfoot as he relieves himself. It’s really hard to pick up poop from mulch without also retrieving a bunch of mulch. Wood chips and plastic bags typically don’t mix, but these bad boys (or should I say good boys?) are able to handle the mulch without ripping and tearing which is awesome in my book.

Lastly, I don’t typically like the smell of fake lavender, but these actually have a really nice scent that does a fairly good job of blocking scent. Great for someone like me who is astonishingly lazy and will put it in my garbage can instead of walking the 500 feet to the nearest doggie waste station. (Don’t judge.) VERY IMPORTANT. (See earlier cute neighbor anecdote.)

Thank you for reading my dog poop bag review!

10. Anywhere else, we’d call this too much information.

My dearest dog, as wonderful and charming as she is, can drop some gnarly solids where I have to position myself upwind to prevent myself from gagging. With regular bags, I would literally have to hold my breath from the second I would see her begin to squat until I’ve tossed the waste into the trash. These scented bags are very helpful for when I accidentally get a whif of that putrid stench. They don’t mask it completely, but considerably. The lavender scent makes you feel a little less dirty too, considering that you’re picking up poop. It’ll linger on your hand for a little bit and quickly goes away once you’re no longer touching the bag.

The bags are plentiful and fairly-priced. Unless you have more than 1 dog, or have a dog with an insane amount of bowel movement, 120 bags will last you a good amount of time.

I’ve never had an issue with tearing a bag, even when I’ve scooped up twigs and rocks – which is a huge plus because the I’ve never had a good day that starts with my finger accidentally being inserted into a warm turd because the bag ripped.

Even when tearing the bag off from the rest of the roll – the perforation works well. It usually requires two hands to detach a bag, but it’s never caused me to rip another bag by mistake. They’re not difficult to open either – with just a little bit of friction, the edges will come apart. I have yet to come across a buggy one that was sealed on both ends. The only issue I have is the size. I have a 60-pound dog who likes to drop off the kids at the pool all at once, if you know what I mean – I can bag up all the kids without much issue, but it’s a little tricky to knot it closed without worrying about little remnants of kids on the upper portion of the bag. I would say it’s a sufficient size for small-medium sized dogs. For dogs (and their poops) that are larger, you might have a little bit of concern. Eventually you’ll get a good method that works for you, but this issue could be prevented with a larger bag. It’s not a deal breaker for me but if I can find a larger bag that is equally sturdy and odor-masking, I would be willing to try it out before coming back to this product.

Overall, I definitely liked it but I do wish it were a bit larger.

EDIT: Yay! There are larger sized baggies! The seller has informed me of a 11″x13″ sized bag that they offer (rather than the 9″x13″). The prices per bag are only about 4 cents apart, and I would very much rather pay a few cents for a bag that’ll fit my poochie’s poopies a little better. However, the XL bags appear to be rolled into a longer shape than the standard bags, so I’ll have to replace my bag dispenser. Fortunately I crochet them myself so it shouldn’t be too hard of a task (let me know if you’re interested in buying any too). I’ve changed my original 4-star rating to 5-stars because the item description doesn’t specifically say what sized poops it can/can’t contain and does specify the size of the bag. It’s not the item or seller’s fault that my dog’s turds are huge.