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check out new office 2013
Posted — September 25

Check Out The EARTH RATED® Office!

We are so excited about our amazing new office space we just had to share it with all of our fans!

We moved into our new office about six months ago. Our team was growing and our old office space wasn’t big enough, so we decided to take it to the next level with an open concept office that had plenty of room for future growth – as well as the important stuff like lounging, eating and taking a break once in a while!

The office is a loft-style space in an old factory in an industrial area of Montreal. Interior designer Shanna Gervais put together the space, which is unique and quirky – just like we are. The office has original brick from when the building was still a factory, along with exposed ductwork and cinder blocks.

We did add a new wall of our own and asked a fantastic Montreal street art company, Ashop to help us out. (They were also part of the mural festival in Montreal!) We wanted the new wall to be fun and inspiring, and we can’t say enough good things about the amazing job they did for us. It’s a great wall to look at when things are hectic and it puts a smile on your face.

The EARTH RATED™ Team is made up of fun and energetic individuals, and we wanted our work space to represent the team as a whole. We love it!