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Why Do Dogs Bite? Signs of Fear in Dogs (Infographic)
Posted — May 13

Why Do Dogs Bite? Signs of Fear in Dogs (Infographic)

Dogs can’t tell us they’re scared or let us know they want to be left alone with words, but they do tend to give us plenty of warning with their behavior. Often, biting is a last resort.

Sometimes, we mistake certain actions for quirks when they are actually signs of fear and anxiety. And when a dog’s fear levels raise too high, it can lead to potentially dangerous behavior.

Before Earth Rated was formed to bring you the best poop bags, dog wipes and stain & odor remover on the market, some of our team members worked in shelters and rescues. After learning how to identify scared and aggressive dogs, we’ve created this infographic for you to be able to tell when a dog is on edge.

If you notice these behaviors in a dog, proceed with caution. Or if your dog has been acting strangely, contact your veterinarian to find ways to help your dog feel safe and secure. Recognizing signs of fear in dogs can go a long way when it comes to preventing dog bites and aggression.


Infographic Signs of Fear in Dogs


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