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why pick up poop
Posted — June 24

Why You Should Pick Up Your Dog’s Poop: Infographic

Did you know that picking up after your dog is one of the easiest ways any dog owner can do their part for the environment? Your neighbours will thank you, too!

The best way to pick up after your dog is to bag it securely and throw it away. But not all dog waste bags are equal!

Bags with special additives will break down in the right landfill type. To take your commitment to the environment to the next level, look for a compostable certification! Earth Rated vegetable-based dog poop bags are ultra-thick to lock in odors, and certified compostable in facilities that accept dog waste.

No one wants to step in poop, and everyone deserves to enjoy safe and clean public spaces. As a responsible dog owner, please pick up after your dog!


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