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120 Easy-Tie Handle Bags

Get a handle on poops!


  • Convenient handles for easy-tying
  • 100% Leak-Proof Guarantee
  • Extra-wide bags, great for cat litter scoops
  • Dispenses single bags directly from the box
  • Our top pick for anyone who struggles with opening bags
  • Also available in unscented

Product Description

What makes our easy-tie handle bags special?  We know there’s no room for error when it comes to picking up poop, so our bags are designed to protect your hands. With an extra wide opening and long handles, it’s easy to tie a secure knot! 100% leak-proof guaranteed so the mess stays in!

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Customer Reviews

Karlsruhe Frau

Great Bags... And Not Just for Dog Poop!

April 10, 2019

I don’t have a dog! But I love these dog poop bags! Why, you may ask?!? Well, I do have a cat! With a very stinky litter box! That has to be scooped out constantly! I was sick of constantly inspecting my grocery store bags, trying to find one or two (out of DOZENS!) with no holes in them. So I decided to try these Earth-Rated dog poop bags, with handles, lavender scented. I specifically chose the ones that have handles, so that after I scoop out the litter box, I could easily tie off the bag. And, yes, I am able to tie the bags off perfectly! I also specifically chose the bags that were lavender scented because… Well, I really needed to mask the smell of what goes in those bags! And, success! After I tie off those bags, I can’t smell what’s in there! Yay! So, I’m very satisfied with these bags and I will continue to use them. I recommend them to anyone who is trying to clean up after their smelly cat!

Amazon Prime since 2009

Stop reading this and buy these! Exceeded my expectations!

May 27, 2018

I had looked for poop bags off and on for years but had given up each time because they were just not what I wanted. Anything I found was just too small! A lot of them aren’t even a bag either just a square of plastic I’m supposed to fold up neatly with a pile of poop in the middle? No thank you! Then I ran across these and decided to give them a try. They are GREAT!!! I have the lavender version and like them a lot. I keep the box in the garage as it is quite strong smelling as a whole box, but keep a few on the counter in the house to use when needed. I have a nearly 70 lb chocolate lab that can poop quite the large pile and these work fine! one pile per bag. Trying to get two dumps into one bag would be too much. So each time she poops I just grab one of these, turn it inside out and pick up the poop and then turn it right side out and tie it closed lickety-split! I would DEFINITELY RECOMMEND! Five star all the way! No more trying to save bags from walmart as most of them arrive home with holes in them. I’d say these are actually slightly thicker than your current walmart grocery bag anyways. Stop reading this and buy these! Definitely absolutely recommend. Hope this helps.

Queen Ruth

Strong and scented bags

December 25, 2018

I love that the bags are super strong and they smell great. I have 3 cats 2 big extra large litter boxes and I cleaned them both and it held over 5 pounds of poop. I’m definitely buying these from now on.I’ve tried so many that failed this bag is success. Thank you Amazon I’m definitely recommending this product to pet owners.

Poop Bag FAQ

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