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120 Easy-Tie Handle Bags

Get a handle on poops!


  • Convenient handles for easy-tying
  • 100% Leak-Proof Guarantee
  • Extra-wide bags, great for cat litter scoops
  • Dispenses single bags directly from the box
  • Our top pick for anyone who struggles with opening bags
  • Also available in Unscented

Product Description

Prefer knotting your bag handles together? We have a bag for that! Our easy-tie handle bags are super convenient at a moment’s notice, and the extra-wide opening makes them a purr-fect fit for cat litter scoops.

Bonus: the lavender scent is so lovely your guests will think you’ve stocked your home with bouquets of flowers.

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Customer Testimonials

Excellent Bags... And Not Just for Dog Poop!

- Klaus

“I do not own a dog but I love these dog poop bags! Why is that, you may ask?!? Well, I do own a cat! Who has a very smelly litter box! That must be scooped all the time! I was tired of always inspecting my grocery store bags trying to check for one or two bags (out of DOZENS!) without holes in them. So I decided to try these Earth Rated dog poop bags with handles in lavender scent. I chose these that have handles so that I could easily tie off the bag after I scoop out the litter box. And, yes, I can tie the bags off perfectly! I also chose the lavender scent because… Well, I truly had to mask the odor of what goes into these bags! And, success! When I tie off these bags I can no longer smell the contents! Yay! So, I am very pleased with these bags and I will continue to use only them. I recommend these bags to anyone who wants to clean up after their smelly cat!”

Stop reading this review and go buy these! My expectations were exceeded!

- Amelie Frau

“For years I have been looking for good poop bags but gave up each time because they weren’t what I was looking for. Anything I could find was just too small! A lot of the poop bags aren’t even real bags they are just a plastic square that you’re meant to fold up neatly around the poop in the middle? No thank you! Finally I came across these and decided to give them a try. They are WONDERFUL!!! I got the lavender scented version and I like them quite a lot. As a whole box it is quite strong smelling so I keep the box in my garage but keep a few bags in my house on the counter so I can use them when I need to. My dog is a chocolate lab and nearly 70 lbs so she can poop quite the large pile and these work fine! One poop pile per bag. It would be too much to try to fit two of her dumps into one bag. Each time she poops I get one of these bags, turn it inside out and pick up her poop and then turn it right side out again and tie the bag closed lickety-split! I would CERTAINLY RECOMMEND! Five star all the way! No more trying to use plastic bags from walmart that arrive home most of the time with holes already in them. These are actually a bit thicker than walmart grocery bags anyways. Stop reading this review and go buy these! Definitely completely commend. Hope this helped.”

Sturdy scented bags

- Ruth Queenie

“I appreciate that these bags smell great and are super strong. I have three cats and two extra large litter boxes and one time I cleaned them both and it held over 5 pounds of cat poop. I will definitely buy these from now on. After trying so many bags that failed, this one is a success! Thank you Amazon I will absolutely recommend this product to pet owners.”

Poop Bag FAQ

Bring on the bags!