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120 Bags on 8 Refill Rolls

This one's a classic!


  • Extra-long and extra-strong bags to protect your hands
  • 100% Leak-Proof Guarantee
  • Available in lavender or unscented options
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Pairs perfectly with our dispenser
  • Also available in unscented

Product Description

Our 100% Leak-Proof Guarantee leaves a 0% chance you’ll experience any dreaded poop-to-hand contact. These extra-thick bags can hold any size poop securely and are designed to block unpleasant smells. Picking up poop has never been so easy!
Lavender-scented to give the illusion you’re walking around with a bag of flowers. Keep the real contents a secret between you and your pup!
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Customer Testimonials

If one could have their "favourite poo bag", this would be mine.

- Kelly C.

“I have ordered these bags two times already and plan on continuing to do so. There are three things I love in particular about this product: First, they smell amazing – always a positive when you have to deal with dog poo. The smell is pleasant and covers the poo smell. It won’t cover the smell after multiple days inside a trash can but throughout a long walk it definitely masks the scent. Second, right before the line where it tears off from the next bag, the design of the bag changes color. I don’t hunting for the place to tear with bags with constant pattern. Usually I have to search for it right when Spot (name has been changed to protect the guilty) sees a squirrel and leaves me with an unravelled roll of dog poo bags and my dog who runs around a tree with his leash bouncing along behind him. Finally, I appreciate that the sticker that holds the roll together isn’t too sticky, like some dog clean up bags. It doesn’t tear a hole in the bag at the start of the roll which renders the first bag useless for holding stinky poo. The fact that these bags are environmentally responsible is the icing on the… Well, you get it. I don’t walk to mention dog poo and cake in the same review.”

Best Poop Bags In The World! I'm all for improving the poop picking up experience!

- Marianna Garcia

“These are just wow!

From what I learned, these green bags have an EPI component and are made from recycled material. Unlike traditional plastic bags that will never decompose, the EPI component allows these bags to break down in 18 -24 MONTHS.  Although the length is a bit on the longer side it is fine by me and way better than other bags that never break down at all!

After watching “Plastic Paradise” on Netflix, my perspective about plastic products changed completely. I didn’t know how damaging plastic truly is and now I try to do every bit I can to not create as much waste. So it’s a huge plus that these bags will eventually decompose!

The price is very decent too! Some of the completely plastic products are less expensive than these but only by a small margin. So these environmentally friendly ones won’t hurt your wallet!

As for the bags themselves, they look super cute. I work as a designer and I must say, every aspect of this product is aesthetically pleasing to me which is ironic because they are only poopy bags! Lol.

But for real, the packaging is so cute and the baggies are great too! The bags are a cheerful bright green color and they are a bit longer than other bags which I find very convenient for second pick ups. They are also easy to open and very thick. Also they are lavender scented. Personally, I enjoy the smell of lavender, so I think this is my favorite part! The scent of lavender covers up poopy smells so the experience of picking up poop is so much more tolerable. However, if you aren’t a big fan of the smell of lavender have no fear. The scent is far from overwhelming and you definitely will not get a headache or anything!

I bought these bags along with the bag dispenser (made from the same company). The bags fit perfectly and the dispenser itself is a pill/oval shape that is also super nicely designed. The bright green color matches the bags. I also love the texture of the dispenser which might sound a bit strange, but compared to other dispensers it feels high quality and well made. It also comes with a velcro strap on which I find fits great for my retractable leash!

However, I’m sure these bags will work fine with other bag dispensers too. While they are slightly longer, it’s not too long and they will still fit into other dispenser types.

Overall, I really appreciate the company took time to add extra “bells and whistles” with the lavender scent and fun packaging and color. Who knew that picking up poop could be improved?! haha. :)”

I gave five stars to a poop bag. Enough said.

- Rcm

“Never did I imagine that one day I would grow up to review dog poop bags on the internet, yet here I am. I guess you start to think about these things when you spend as much time standing outside waiting on your dog to go poop while he keeps smelling the same spot for 20 minutes as I do.

First of all, my dog has what I politely call an “anxious tummy”. Sometimes in my apartment hallway people scare him and he has an accident right there on the steps. In times like these is it SUPER CLUTCH to have a poop bag that is easy to open like this one. And yeah, I noticed many poop bags are difficult to open, which isn’t ideal if you need to clean an embarrassing mess right before your cute neighbor who you saw on Tinder comes around the corner and steps in it and then you are shamed publicly all because your dog can’t handle his bowels.

My dog also like the feeling of standing on mulch as he relieves himself. It is difficult to clean up poop from mulch without also picking up a bunch of mulch. Typically plastic bags and wood chips don’t mix, but these bad boys (or should I say good boys?) can hold the mulch without tearing or ripping which is amazing in my book.

Lastly, I usually don’t love the scent of fake lavender but these ones actually have a pretty nice scent and do a decent job of blocking the smell of poop. Great for someone astonishingly lazy like me who will put the bag in my own garbage instead of walking 500 feet to the closest doggie waste station (don’t judge me). VERY IMPORTANT. (See previous cute neighbor anecdote).

Thanks for reading my dog poop bag review!”

Poop Bag FAQ

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