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120 Bags on 8 Refill Rolls

This one's a classic!


  • Extra-long and extra-strong bags to protect your hands
  • 100% Leak-Proof Guarantee
  • Available in lavender or unscented options
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Pairs perfectly with our dispenser

Product Description

Our bags are 100% leak-proof guaranteed, so they can hold any size poop safely. They’re large enough to fully cover your hand and sleeve during pickup with plenty of room left over to tie a secure knot when you’re finished, and are extra thick to block unpleasant poop smells.

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Customer Reviews

Lady Kim

Great Sturdy Strong Poop Bags

May 26, 2017

Those bags are great and I enjoy their strong build. First, I never thought I would write a poop bag review and I am still giggling about it.

Secondly, I have 2 dogs who are BARFed. One is a Boerboel and produces thanks to her diet smaller waste outputs. However, there are times where it’s less firm and using the bags I don’t feel the softness as much as I used to with our old bags. We walk a lot in the woods and rocks, pine needles and all that don’t puncture the bags. It’s great because trash cans aren’t always around.

Third, they are strong and sturdy to hold the waste in when carried around without having the feeling it will slip or break at any second. I was actually surprised how they feel. I expected some thin breakable product and was pleasantly surprised to find the opposite.

We finally found a winner and I will purchase the unscented poop bags from now on.


Every thing you'd want to clean up after your pooch

September 19, 2016

This was my first time buying this product (and I have already used several rolls) and I have to say I am very happy with the quality and will be buying it again when I run out because these fit all of my criteria.
First being that these bags aren’t isn’t super cheap, are not prone to ripping or tearing, are well perforated, thick, and reasonably priced. All of these functions seem to be a requirement for picking up poop but man! I have purchased some TERRIBLE bags in the past which left me wondering, why is a reliable bag to hard to find?
Finally, I try to be as earth conscious as I can but buying regular plastic bags always bugged me but I didn’t know what to do-I live in an apartment with a lab and I did not want to be an irresponsible dog owner and not clean up after my dog. But now that worry is gone! I love how these bags are biodegradable and sturdy.
I highly recommend them to friends and I will certainly be buying them again.

James O'Reilly

Great find!!

January 30, 2019

Most poop bags are really hard to open and tend to be thin. I do have a big dog and would need 2 bags and pray they wouldn’t break. I would also spend an exuberant amount of time opening each bag which made my dog, and myself, impatient and frustrated.
These bags are very easy to open and durable. They keep their shape and don’t tear when you unfold them. I’m so glad someone finally made a great product for a less than desirable task. I would highly recommend them.

Poop Bag FAQ

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