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300 Bags on a Large Single Roll

Grab & go!


  • Perfect for backyard pickups
  • 100% Leak-Proof Guarantee
  • Tough on poop, easy on the piggy bank!
  • Extra-long and extra-strong bags to protect your hands
  • Tissue-style dispensing right out of the box

Product Description

Designed for backyard pickups, or simply to grab-and-go on your way out the door, this box containing 300 bags on a large single roll has got you covered. Easy to store by your entrance or anywhere you’ll need to grab a bag or two!

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Customer Reviews

Federico Hatoum

The right balance, great bags

November 10, 2016

I’ve tried many different brands of dog waste bags and Earth Rated have been my favorite for several reasons.
* Strong enough to resist ripping, but still made with earth-friendly (ish) material.
– The most super-earth-friendly bags rip very easily — Ex: when pulling a bag off the roll or putting your hand inside the bag.
– I’ve had one too many, um, messy incidents with other brands.
* Good size
– Most of the other bags I’ve used came in a smaller size, which didn’t give me the safety margin I enjoy with Earth Rated bags.
– Owners with medium to large dogs will be happier with these bags.
* Easy to open
– I find these bags substantially easier to open than thinner bags or those made with other grades of plastic.
* Smell nice
– The lavender scent is a nice extra

Wild Horses

Use them at work in a busy vet clinic and highly recommend them!

October 19, 2015

I work in a busy vet clinic as kennel tech and vet assistant, I have to deal with all kinds of messes all day so poop bags definitely come in handy! I did some research on some different bags to decide which ones I should buy to use at my clinic and I went with a whim and decided on these in the end. I AM SO GLAD I DID!!!! Everything about them is awesome. I love the dispensing of the bags, its easy, requires little work to pull one out and tear it off, perfect for that “quick get a bag before the dog steps in it!” The thickness is perfect, I can pick up any number of gross messes without concern to whats actually in my hand and I’ve never had one rip/tear. The size is good for all size dogs and messes, it all fits and there’s still some bag left to tie into a knot. Once the bags are tied, I cannot smell any remnant of the mess, which is nice because the trash in the washroom doesn’t have to be emptied as often due to smell. The lavender scent isn’t overpowering, but really isn’t necessary. The amount for the price is great too, I’ve had these bags for about 2 months now at the clinic, with constant use, there is still tons of bags left! My most FAVORITE thing about these bags, which really takes the cake (ALTHO everything else really helps too!) is that they are EASY TO OPEN!!!!!!! I can grab one and due to the texture of the thick bags, I can easily open the bags, in a jiffy if needed, without the use of wetting my finger with water or saliva to open them. This is the best because I may not be near any water when using the bag, and licking my finger is out of the question at work, lol. I highly recommend these and will buy them again. The fact that they are more earth friendly is just a huge plus, lol. 🙂


Strong, not flimsy or see through and smell nice!

August 19, 2018

As a pet sitter I have tried many different types of dog waste bags and finally my search is over! One of my clients had used these and though I always use my own I found myself wanting to try hers and loved them immediately! They are stronger than most bags that are sold, not see through and with the lavender scent I don’t have to worry about the smell. They are also reasonably priced. You may pay a little less with other brands but you know the saying “you get what you pay for”; it certainly applies here. I will definitely purchase these again and recommend to my clients!

Poop Bag FAQ

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